Our Clients

I have been thinking about Microblading for quite some time and after being diagnosed with alopecia I wanted to get it done before all my eyebrows were gone. My mother has no Eyebrows at all but she has been afraid to do the Microblading. I went to Hadis HM Beauty & aesthetics. Hadis did an amazing job. I can’t believe how the strokes look so hair like. She not only measured my face meticulously she drew what she thought would look best on my face and then we had a discussion in terms of changes. She was so patient and even the changes I made I did not like and in the end we ended up with what she had suggested. Go figure! I feel confident. Now I’m just waiting for the scabbing to set in and then the ugly face before the true beauty sets in. I’ll keep you updated.
“Monica Rach”

I am so happy with my eyebrows! Hadis has done such a great job with them and I receive so many compliments whenever I go out! She is very professional and will make sure you are happy with them before you leave.
“Maria Middleton”

Amazing experience! So thankful I found Hadis! I was a recent Microblading patient at another place and called her when I was ready for something different! She has the newest, latest and greatest with powder brows and even mentioned it will more than likely last way longer than microblading! My brows look amazing and I’m so excited about them!!
“Kristina Murphy”

“My new brows! If you are looking at getting your brows microbladed, you HAVE to pay this lovely lady a visit! Can’t believe the transformation and this is after my first appointment! Top up in 4 weeks and I can’t bloody wait!
Thank you Hadis xxxxx”
“Anna Soleri”